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Loose Lips

DESCRIPTION: Loose Lips are a Perth based band formerly known as The Fags, featuring Louis Miles (vocals/rhythm guitar), Tony Pola (drums) (Beasts Of Bourbon), KT Rumble (lead guitar) (Abbe May), Anthony C (rhythm guitar), Ben Mathews (bass)


ACTIVITY PERIOD: 2009 - Current

MUSIC GENRE: Pop/Rock/Punk


RECORD COMPANIES / LABELS (Current & Past): MGM - Australia

FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/thelooselips


'Formed around 4 years ago from Perth W.A., the Loose Lips are a supergroup from the West, comprising of current and past members of Abbe May, Beasts of Bourbon, the Arachnids, the Perth Mint, the Government etc.

Sounds of tequila laden Desert Sessions through Nullabor Plain like Bat Country, with just enough raw sex too raunch it up, keep it moist and drive it home.

Their album 'Bella Morte' (beautiful death) dropped last year to excellent reviews <insert review with citation> from purveyors of fine rock n roll taste, garnering consistent 4/4.5stars through street press.

The Loose Lips now stand perched on the edge of a destiny greater than the dry harsh landscape on the edge of the Australian desert that seems to propagate great Australian artists.

By Serrefa Safira


Loose Lips (formerly known as The Fags) perform their track "Freedom Fighters of Love"


  • Email contact #1 - moc.liamtoh|2791bkr#moc.liamtoh|2791bkr
  • Email contact #2 - moc.evil|1rtk#moc.evil|1rtk

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