How to Multi-List a Content Entity


This page concerns us with How to Multi-List a 'Content Entity' on Music Industrapedia. Multi-Listing is a core function in the creation of content on Music Industrapedia and provides us with an opportunity to take an item of interest of let's say 'a person' and list their various career connections and involvements across a number of appropriate areas within the global music industry. It would include perhaps a variety of roles the person had in a variety of locations around the world or and could also include other areas of the music industry that they were involved with or had an association.

To learn more about Content Entities, please visit our What Is A Content Entity?

Through the power of multi-listing on Music Industrapedia we can create a single entry for a Content Entity on Music Industrapedia and then create internal links for that page on whatever list pages we need to, to include the full range of their associations and career/business involvements.

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