Origin Of Nationality Rules


On Music Industrapedia, we have a strict policy in terms of how we list a person in accordance with their nationality.

Essentially it is a common sense and rule of thumb decision, however in some cases we (as the site owners) along with the opinion of the industrapedia-music-council will decide which country to categorize a person into. Issues can come up due to historical comparisons of where a person resided during the course of their career and what that country is called today. To illustrate how we think here are some case studies to let you know of our logic. In some cases we may list a person of music act in two countries (especially in strong cultural representations of a particular music of a persons heritage and situations of a cultural diaspora) but their registered URL page on our site and parent page link stream will reflect our categorization decision and preferences. The only instances in which we would be willing to overturn our decision is if the person being listed or the music artist / organisation themselves requests to be categorized under a specific country listing.

In the case of Mozart, such other encyclopedias may consider him to be a German composer (due to historical views of where Salzburg and Vienna was in the day), however we would consider him to Austrian by today's standards and have placed him as an "Austrian Composer" accordingly. Not every one will agree with our decision, but we stand firm because our site is mainly structured according to what countries exist in the world today and what.

In the case of AC/DC they were born in the UK, grew up in Australia and live its members live in various parts of the world at different times. Because the band was formed in Australia and created their initial success in Australia, they are considered to be an Australian band on our site.

Mohsen Subhi is a Palestinian Composer and Music Artist and is listed under our Palestinian music section. Although there is some dispute that Palestine is considered to be a territory of Israel and perhaps some may think his page should be listed under the Israeli Music Industry page. We have ruled that Palestine deserves its own page and any music artist who classifies themselves as Palestinian rather than Israeli will be listed on our Palestinian Music Industry page.

This same rule would apply to Tibetan Music Artists who we would consider to be culturally "Tibetan" and would go on to our 'Tibetan Music Industry' page, even though some authorities in China may be displeased with our categorization and expect the artist to be listed under the Chinese Music Industry page, and even though the music and culture of Tibet is somewhat and arguably displaced and in may largely be drawn from the Tibetan diaspora.

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