Industrapedia Content Creation Guide

The Industrapedia Content Creation Guide is the place to come to learn about how to choose the right Music Industrapedia styles, categories and formats for your page creations on our site. Please read through the three key sections below as well as making yourself familiar with our Rules of Music Industrapedia. Please also visit our How-to-Edit-Pages page which has links to Wikidot tutorials.

Categorization Formats
We use a particular way of naming pages using certain categories on Music Industrapedia so that pages are created under the right category (using the inherent category capabilities of Wikidot to take advantage of the numerous structural benefits for our Music Industrapedia site). A new page created with the 'Right Category' will includes placing it in the right part of the world in terms of its territory listing as well as placing it within the right music industry sub sector that it should belong to on our site (e.g. Mary Smith - a music publicist from Australia would have the page category name of 'music-publicists-australia:mary smith' after the domain name of this page would then look like ' smith' when it is created. Having the correct category name will also allow the page you created to show up on the right industry listings page so they can be found be others and not become an orphan page. It also allows for you to have access to certain content templates relevant to that page that may exist to make it easier to create pages with the right Style Guide requirements. Please visit our Categorization Formats page for full details.

Style Guide
The style requirements includes the use of particular headings and sub titles within a page so that Music Industrapedia has a unified feel and look about it. You can make our lives easier by adhering to these style requirements to make the life our our moderators and administrators easier and so we can devote our time to adding new features to the site instead of cleaning up your edits.

Content Architecture
This includes how we embed images, audio and video as well as a number of other structural considerations including permissions and addressability on our site

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