The Music Industry encompasses many aspects of Music as an Industry and is prone to be labelled in accordance to the group subjectivity of the particular music industry sub sector referring to it. There are four main music industry sub sectors to the global music industry, they are:

  1. Recorded Music Industry
  2. Live Music Industry
  3. Musical Instruments & Pro-Audio Industry
  4. Music Education Industry

All three industry sub sectors can at times consider themselves to be "THE" music industry (without necessary mental inclusion of the other industry sub sectors) or at least considering themselves as being the apex of the music industry above the others and as ruled (subjectively) by their own industry associations (who generally push this notion as well).

For the sake of providing a focus for 'Music Industrapedia', we will view the music industry as being all four aspects (as well as 6 more sub sectors) but with a priority focus of the music industry as listed above with our main focus being concerned with the Recorded Music Industry, and secondly with the Live Music Industry. As to the third main sub sector (the Musical Instrument and Pro Audio Industry ) we will be giving it coverage on Industrapedia, but it will be more in the background for our site architecture and layout and can be found In the 'Music Business Other' drop down menu.

As a result of our attempt to cover "The Music Industry" as a subject, we will at times discuss each of the three aforementioned music industry sub categories as separate topics. We should also mention that there are a number of other music industry subcategories worth mentioning that we will be covering under the following categories for our Directory Listings and they are as follow:

  • Music Media Industry (Music TV, Music Radio, Music Press, Music Web)
  • Music Management Industry sub sector (which includes Self Managed Music Artists)
  • Music Retail Industry A - Recorded Product (In all audio visual formats - bricks & mortar or online businesses)
  • Music Retail Industry B - Musical Instrument and Pro Audio (Manufacturing and Wholesale)
  • Music Production Industry (Studios / Live Sound Reinforcement)
  • Music Support Services Industry - All other aspects that don't fit the above categories (Music Law, Music Associations, Sheet Music, Music Merchandise, etc)

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