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David Flint

David Flint has been the Manager of groups such as Cam-pact and artists such as Bob Bright.

However, he is probably best known as owner of iconic 60's Melbourne music venue Thumpin' Tum.

David's career began as a set designer for Channel 9 Melbourne in the early to mid-1960's where he worked on such shows as Graham Kennedy's In Melbourne Tonight. He was then head-hunted by Myer Melbourne to work in the special promotions department where he met Ken Moat. Ken had a partner, Ron Eden.

Ron and Ken & another associate along with David saw the opening for a new form of music venue as the traditional Town Hall venues were not meeting the needs of the up and coming baby Boomers. Ron, Ken and their partner then found the money for a building at 50 Little la Trobe street Melbourne, and so it was in 1966, that the Thumping Tum came into being.

David's then wife Jan, looked after the door, and David organised the venue and bands and then was appointed as Manager and not long after he became the owner of the Tum.

The amazing Victorian style decor was due to David's influence as were the iconic upside down umbrellas that were suspended from the ceiling over the dance floor

Despite constant harassment from local council authorities, police and various gang stand-over merchants, the Tum didn't just survive it thrived and was the forerunner of many other warehouse/commercial building based venues in Melbourne.

David continued running the Tum until 1970. Totally exhausted after almost five years of operating the venue, David accepted an offer to sell the Tum, and it continued for a short time but eventually after a name change, folded forever.

It was then he dabbled in artist management and for a short time managed the Garrison in Prahran.

However David was looking for a bigger challenge. Along with his partner Phillip Webster, went on to establish and operate Flint-Webster, a very successful local and International production company that won many industry awards and ran for some 25 years.


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