Gulaan is the stage name of Edouard Guïnedr Gulaan Wamedjo from New Caledonia, an accomplished musician and vocalist who plays guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and percussion. Gulaan first won acclaim in the mid 1990s as singer with the group Ryos OK, who released several albums in New Caledonia. His debut award winning solo album, The Spirit of Yesterday, was a warm and peaceful tribute to the land of his ancestors and his romances.

Gulaan's guitar playing and voice are presented in all their stripped-back simplicity, showcasing his use of arpeggio and his striking vocal style. Gulaan enjoys making music in solitude, close to his source of creativity. His performances are moments of pure escapism, inspired by memories of his grandmother, his Baha'ï beliefs and his love of freedom. Gulaan hopes to discover new horizons as he exports his music throughout the world.

Sourced from: AWME 2008 Artist Program.

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