Any registered member caught deliberately vandalising entries of others or of Music Industrapedia in general, or defaming anyone, or hacking official pages (which are off limits) or caught spamming on our site will be placed on our Global List of Shame (below) indefinately along with the reasons why they are shamed. Both The 'List of Shame' and the perpetrators full name will tagged and will be Search Engine Optimised to ensure their name, their location and status within the music industry will be easily found in a Google search. We will also use Google Adwords to ensure our Global List of Shame is a top ranking Google page along with your name. In addition to all this a media release will also be issued to the music media of the Global Music Industry stating our actions to ensure that as many people within the industry is aware of the attack upon Music Industrapedia and to ensure your status as a social pariah within the global music industry is achieved.

The only way off the list of shame is to either pay a $1000 US removal fee or higher (depending on the extent of the offence) or perform one months work as a volunteer at a charity of our choosing or both. We will also publish shamers across our Ye Olde Social media networks on Facebook and Twitter (with their name hash tagged) unless the removal fee is paid. In more serious cases of offence, legal action will also be taken against the person concerned in addition to the above measures.

Allowing others to use your identity from which offences have occured will result in the member being banned from our site with a $200 reinstatement fee for membership and editing rights. Please remember that we can track every edit on our site back to the login of the individual it was done under.

We have a zero tolerance against vandals, defamers, hackers and spammers, if you are unsure if your entry or actions will cause offence on our site please run it by us first with a explanation of your intent at moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey so we can avoid any unpleasant outcomes. It is hoped that the penalities above will ensure that our site and the writings of our contributing members are respected and to some degree protected. If you have a entry that you want to re write or change, please submit it to us a ye.olde.networks so we can consider your recommended changes.

The following individuals have been place on our List of Shame…


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